List of fate

Those who are said dead live longer. Or not? At least regarding this website all people who thought it’s decaying are wondering now. And regarding the heart and the soul of this website (me)? After the most difficult phase of my life so far I’m gradually getting stronger and stronger again.

But we all should always keep in mind that our fate can only be impacted to a very low degree by ourselves. Fate can be brutal. Fate has no limits. Fate is ruthless. It doesn’t make any difference between young and old. We are no machines. We are all human. We are all mortal.

And also my time will come. The time when my fate catches up with me. The moment I’ll leave. What will remain, is the desire to celebrate me with this playlist. Music genres, artists, tracks and also text that have shaped my life. And that will hopefully keep on shaping it for many further years.