Camo question

Why camouflage? Permanent confrontation with this question. Maybe the reason can be found in human nature. Evolutionary. Or in my personal nature. Because I grew up at the countryside, quite nature related. Nowadays these colors have a magical effect on me. Nearly reassuring. And a very beautiful approach of my root cause analysis.

I will probably never come up with the answer, just as I will never give up this preference. No disadvantage. Due to the fact that my camo supply source are various army shops. An almost indestructible quality and prices that can not be beat at any other place. In this area we could also conclude to a militant reason and attitude. But this wouldn’t be true.

And I would defend myself against this conclusion. Like against camouflage footwear. The reasons are also as mysterious as inexplicable and unsearchable. To harmonize anyway I use elements of single nature colors for my lowest part of the body. That of coffee. For many an unloved child of the 3 series, but for me an important individualization instrument against all hype kids.