The serious life

Flat Eric. A star at the end of the nineties. World famous. By appearances in different TV spots of a jeans label and in a row of electronic dance music videos. Everybody knew Flat. And everybody loved Flat.

Then the crash into insignificance. The downside of celebrity. He had to suffer. Relentlessly. Suddenly Flat Eric was gone. And nobody cared about that. Poor guy.

One decade later his former promoter empowered him to a comeback with a new album. But it was just a trial. The door to the world seemed to be closed forever. Back to no man’s land. But Flat learned to accept it.

I got to know him personally via the internet. Meanwhile he lived in England and the past caught up with him again. He needed something new. A change. I felt sorry for him. And brought him to Vienna.

From flatmates to friends. Flat feels very well in his new home. Fun comes first. This is how to fight against the negative vibes of the past. Life shouldn’t always taken too seriously. As well as parts of this content.