Jersey love

Loyalty. An attitude that is based on consistency. And due to relation. An honest attribute. Deep inside a person. A relation to a human, to a group, to a society. These persons can be sportsmen. Idols. These groups can be teams. Clubs. Squads.

And an expression of this inner relation can be clothes. Jerseys. The uniforms of the athletes. But also of their fans. As a symbol of affiliation and their support. This is pure identification. As if they would fight together on the pitch.

Shaped by the colors of the team, by numbers of players, names of players and team logos I’ve always been attracted by jerseys. There was no week during my schooldays without at least 1 day wearing a shirt of a favorite team or athlete.

Inspired by the style of different rappers in music videos and driven by my passion for sports the love to this special style arose. I will be true to it for my lifetime. Stay loyal. And exhibit the colors of my idols and my sporty lifestyle.