How to run a drug cartel

I’ve made my decision. I’ll reorient myself. Launch my own start-up. In the drug business. Because I know now where to get it from. What matters. Whom I need. How to get the stuff across borders. And how I sell it to you. All you Pablo Escobars and El Chapos out there! Watch out! I’m coming!

Or not? Moreover the business journalist Tom Wainwright writes about how similar drug cartels and companies are. Human resources, a supply chain or public affairs. Essential for both. The same principles, just different rules. Morally questionable and characterized by brutality.

Furthermore the author who emigrated as correspondent to Mexico gives recommendations for a sustainable restriction of illegal machinations. If by work in jail or systematic cannabis legalization. Substantiated by best practices from several countries. And no more Latin-American farmer has to suffer.

The birth of my little book passion needed the progress of my age. Reading as a method of mind and brain care. As a method of further education and relaxation. As a feeling of satisfaction. Word by word. Page by page. Chapter by chapter. Until a finished book. Holding firmly in your hands.