Enjoy the moment

7 September 2018. Robbert van de Corput addresses to the world. To his fans. And to all who know him as Hardwell. He pushes the standby button. This is the message he wants to give us. No more shows, targets, interviews, deadlines. Indefinitely away from the big stage.

Hardwell’s schedule ended yesterday. Up to three shows per night in three different countries. A sick program for years. Additionally he created and produced, “aged in triple the speed”. A murderous tempo. Defined as a „never ending rollercoaster ride“. Now it ends. Positively.

Such rides do not always have a happy end. Tim Bergling recently sacrificed his young life. An alarming example. Hardwell wants to be Robbert. Spend time with his family and friends. But continue making music. To express himself. And to stay connected with us, his fans.

Cutting back. I also try to do this for some time. The elimination of my publication cycle had a quality enhancing effect. On my life and my created content. Pressure on myself is unnecessary. Destroys in the long run. All the true and beautiful things in life get lost more and more.