Today a further model of my not so modest sneakers collection. Probably you are fed up with my permanent Jordan 1 stories, but there’s no mercy. And between you and me: only the tough get into the garden. Just a poor translation trial of a german saying.

Okay, back to the 1. The shadow. As usual the name is derived from the colors. Grey and black, quite dark. Shadows are dark. And nondescript. Consequently the perfect combination for almost every outfit. A fashionable weapon.

Certainly the reason why these shoes have the most miles on their soles. I spent more hours in no other pair of Jordan 1. But this also means that these ones sucked the most foot perspiration. Accordingly worn-out optically and in terms of smell.

Fortunately this year was a new release and fortunately again I could snatch a pair in my size. So the next common years are assured. I bought my new Shadows online and directly at the manufacturer, my old ones in a basketball shoe store. In 2013.