Summery team colorfulness

This year’s canicular days are here. One heat record chases the other one. Day by day. And there’s no end in sight. All this leads to unexpectedly beautiful and pleasant hours in the air-conditioned office. Despite work. And despite daily U6 rides.

But who will cry here and what would be a summer without summer and the subtropical climate zone in the wagons of Vienna’s U6 line? Quite unreal. Furthermore we would miss freshness, sportiness, colorfulness and easiness of heat compatible outfits.

My summer choice is all about the yellow purple team colors of the Los Angeles Lakers and the red black team colors of the Chicago Bulls. With my idol Dennis Rodman as common denominator. Three years for the Bulls, one year for the Lakers.

We needn’t discuss about the summer capability of sleeveless basketball jerseys. But we need to discuss about the kicks. I recommend conform colors as perfect addition. And in between please contrast. I mean in terms of shorts. Because streets are not courts.