1 number one

There is this one shoe model in my life which nearly belongs to the inventory of my feet. Just like the corns on my little toes. Left and right. But no fear. I will not go into more detail in terms of my foot excrescences. Back on track: Whoever knows me, knows them too. My Jordan 1s.

How many pairs I have, doesn’t matter. Much more interesting is this little time travel I’m doing with you right now. 11 years back. We are now in the lovely Nürnberg in 2007. Never doubting your mathematical skills I’m taking you downtown into a street wear shop.

You are becoming now witnesses of a for you meaningless, but for me historical happening: I’m buying my very first pair of Jordan 1s. The begin of a big love. In those days I thought I need Jordans in size 11.5 instead 12. The consequence: inner soles had to leave, defective position of toes still here.