Kings of style

Musicians and music groups have always been a source of inspiration in terms of my clothing style. Primary this impact came from the genre of rap and will stay with me for a lifetime. Run-D.M.C. plays an important role. King Of Rock is the name of one of their tracks, kings of style is my name for them.

The color black is in the focus of their style. Represented by simple clothing pieces. And acting as platform for stylish elements that are responsible for pimping and perfecting the outfit: white sneakers and golden jewelry. Attention: reservation for the latter.

Run-D.M.C. lived this out in the form of fat gold chains. No understatement, just exaggeration. But rappers are privileged to do this. I’m not and this is why a simple watch takes over the obligatory bling-bling task. Price and digital display exclude any procuration.

Their beloved sneakers were celebrated in an own track. The rap pioneers wore them without laces, what is at least one coolness step too much for me. Like a hat, what I never had, because it looks too bad on my head. How was that again with the privilege?