Nightly techno trance

The night in progress. A black sky above Vienna, a sleeping crowd of people. I don’t sleep. The window is open. Dim light from the streets is invading my dark living room. And acoustic waves are escaping. In four-four time.

Swinging monotonously. Boosting my writing flow. The tiredness is gone. It is this bass. Carrying me through the night. Making me strong, creative. Keeping me warm. Techno as personal audio drug enabling this night flight.

It’s the excitement. In me. Euphoria, nervousness. Positive nervousness. A mysterious feeling like security. Dearly and deep. With the captivating aftertaste of a prohibition. The nightly surf ride is unleashing it. My artistic spirit.

Tone by tone, button by button, word by word. The electronic vibes as control center of my body. The fingers remote-controlled. Dancing and creating on the stage of the keyboard. Until the end of this magic waves.