We got to know each other as children. Played in the same soccer team. First teammates. Then friendship. True and emotionally closely connected to each other.

We became older. Went our own ways. Saw us more and more seldom. But our friendship never suffered. As if time stood still. Adults, but still children in the head.

Suddenly the message of your sick heart. This serious surgery. My fearing for your life. But you came back. What else. Impossible the thought that you are gone.

And you were even stronger. Meanwhile father. Your life also changed in terms of sports, you had to give up a lot. Juventus became the absolute center of your sport life.

Everybody needs this one hobby. Enthusiastically you didn’t miss any game. Knew everything. Only one thing was missing: traveling to Turin to watch a game in the stadium.

We did it in March. Bright eyes and a smile, all the times I turned to you. Three months later you just fell asleep. Your heart stopped beating. True friendship is immortal <3