The day before yesterday on the Ring Road along the Danube Canal. In the humid twilight of an early summer evening. In the sights of a shooter. A little girl. With a machine gun. At the front of the laterally burning Ring Tower. A sight that doesn’t fit into the picture of our society.

Or does it? Disturbing, shocking, daring, awesome. The reactions differ from observer to observer. But everybody gets out of his comfort zone. Followed by a thought-provoking impulse, which may be quickly suppressed. And suppression fits perfectly into the picture of our society.

A society, controlled by capitalism. Destroyed by greed for money and power. Violence and war as a devastating consequence and a growing part of our lives. Factual and fictitious. In real and in virtual life. In it children. Innocent. Helpless. Caught in the aversion of a foredoomed system.

Gottfried Helnwein’s memorial against war and violence. The artist wants to pay attention to where others don’t want to look at. Aiming to rethink. Before all values are destroyed. The innocent child in the focus. A quote from Francisco de Goya as title. An artist who paid attention 200 years ago.