Village import

City exports or village imports always had an enormous importance during my youth. On the one hand they gave me the possibility to live my individual style, on the other hand I could improve it more and more to leave my schoolmates behind.

It all started with trips to Graz by train and grew to bus trips to Vienna. Because Graz is just a bigger village, internet was not internet back then and to get really cool stuff, you had to dare a shopping trip to a big city. Quite a challenge for a young countryman.

I was sweet 17 on my first own trip to Vienna. Exactly the half of my current age. Time flies. But memories stay. My sister and a common friend accompanied me. By the way I felt a certain sense of freedom. Far away from parents and the province.

And in the middle of the shoe paradise. At times when sneakers didn’t belong to everybody’s basic equipment. A surprise that brought me a pair of Converse Weapon. My first retro basketball shoes. Meanwhile unfortunately grown out.