Black wonder

That sneakers have something special or even something magic, this has always been clear for me. I may actually feel confirmed in my misbelief. Many thanks to Sonja for this.

Or to her shoes, the black Air Max 97. Discovered in a store in Berlin, attentively watched by her darling and resulted in a surprising reunion under the christmas tree. Nothing escapes me.

Since her new favorite sneakers even healed her food pain, the inseparableness was finally sealed. And my initially indicated misbelief. A healing power, thus.

If just due to risk deduction of returning pain or due to the incredibly good on-feet-feeling, no matter, fact is, that the air-cushioned kicks are unlaced part of every event and outfit.

Preferably when increasing the mileage during an extensive walk in intimate togetherness. Related to her boyfriend. However. Sonja’s coolest sneakers ever.