Get rid of every poison. Dump out all jealousy, all pettiness, all unforgiveness, all strife, all malice, all confusion. All blaming other people for your mistakes. A new mind. A new way of looking. A new perspective. No more waste. Fight for what you believe in. Live for this moment. Live for this feeling. It’s your life. Drive it like you stole it.

Human. Steve Angello’s second solo album. Human content under almighty pseudonyms. Lord, God, Eros. After Wild Youth the expectations were high. Steve exceeded them. 21 tracks, 21 abstract artworks, one dark whole. It is black. Black magic. The creation of a black magician who is only human and who continues distancing himself. Direction to Underground.

Deep, mystical, highly dramatic. The unmistakeable sound of Steve Angello. Clearer than ever. A venture full of bass, marked by experiments. Experiments like Rejoice or 21. Successful experiments. An album against the mainstream in progressive house. A blessed work. And a final stroke under his past for a new free way. Divine, stylish, human.