Conny’s most embarrassing experience in her favorite shoes not only had a happy ending, it also gave her a new finding. In fact, that her Sk8-Hi is perfectly suited as sprint shoe. Her longboard actually started to roll (without Conny) towards the road, caused an emergency braking of a truck what finally paralyzed the traffic in the metropolis of Jennersdorf for some seconds.

But normally Conny and her Sk8-Hi are a super team. Particularly and regularly in concert halls or on the festival ground. The comfort, primarily due to the width of the shoe, was reason number one for the 31-year-old to buy them. Because Sk8-Hi experience has already been collected in her red pair from San Francisco.

Moreover Conny’s black option fits to all of her outfits. So whether traffic disturbance on the most important transport connection in Jennersdorf, or the following attempt to set a new sprint world record, or the enjoyment of her rock music passion, or during the early education of kids, Conny’s Sk8-Hi is always with her.