Flo from Graz can already start to plan the end of his third life decade regarding his age. In his job he manages important IT projects for a logistics service provider. And privately he likes rocking his Air Jordan 4 Thunder.

Especially in the nightlife of the weekend so that his black and yellow kicks became a memorial of legendary party nights with his best friend. But not only memories and fun are related to to this shoe. Also a certain dedication.

Because it was love at the first sight. Seen on the feet of his style icon, a DJ and part of an epic trio. Not least he perpetuated this music passion under the skin of his back. So love to style and music led to love to this shoe.

An extraordinary love. Because „interesting is what is rare“ and true to this motto Flo would never wear them in everyday life. The occasion has to be a special one. Or the mood. And the elegantly colored thunderstorm is perfect.