If Saturday’s temperatures fall, it’s always a good idea to go into the museum. You are even better advised when you grab your girl by her hand and do it together. Dream together. Hot dreams. Dreams Of Falling! Currently deep at the second basement floor of the Leopold Museum.

The exhibition hides taboo breaks of 3 generations. Performed by Egon Schiele, Günter Brus and Thomas Palme. Ranked by their age. The last 2 are still alive. But especially Schiele was extremely far ahead of his epoch. A kind of mastermind. Provoking by the sexual interpretation of his art.

He once described blocking an artist as „killing germinating life“ and equated it with a crime. But many others did this with his obscene artworks. An obsessed one who never shied at offending morals and custom. Not less obsessed: Brus and Palme. Worthy successors. I like.