My Camolettes

Today we open the next chapter of my shoe stories. This time without sneakers. Against the trend. And extraordinary. Starring slippers. My lovingly called Camolettes. A wordplay. Consisting of camouflage and Adilette.

Why? Easy to recognize. My favorite and only slippers shine in a wonderful desert camouflage pattern. My favorite camo pattern. Perfectly matching the design and background of my blog. So I had no choice. I had to buy them. In 2013.

Since then we’ve already spent 5 summers together. Summers full of sunshine, holidays at the sea and parties. Pool parties. Colorful pool parties. Like once in Croatia. Now the soles of my slippers are pink. Unwashable.

My Camolettes enjoy exceptional status. They are the only acceptable way for me to wear the three stripes on my feet. This antipathy might also be a reason for their renaming. But I can accept. They are comfortable. At least.