Flat Eric

Back to the year 1999. Or even 1998. I can’t remember it exactly. Suddenly there was this yellow fluffy thing on television. And I don’t remember where I first saw it. If in Levi’s TV commercials or in Mr. Oizo’s music videos. I’m getting old.

But what I definitely know: it was Flat Eric. A stuffed animal. Or rather a rag doll. Because it’s difficult to assign him to an animal species. Most likely to the bears. But as bear he would be very earless and pretty slender along his limbs.

In any case Flat Eric was an extremely cool guy. Promoting the Levi’s Sta-Prest collection by cruising around with his buddy in California, head banging in Mr. Oizo’s music videos and smoking sausages. In the executive chair. Boss. What else.