Royal blue superlative

The Nike Air Jordan 1 OG black royal. Another piece of history from my personal shoe collection. Strongly connected to my blog. Stronger than you think. It was exactly this shoe and the purchase of it in spring 2013 that became the reason for my very first blog post on besenstil.

Five years and 535 posts later I still love wearing it. I own a lot of pairs of Jordan 1, but the black royal color way is out of reach. In my opinion the Royal is the most beautiful Air Jordan 1 of all times.

I described the buying experience in detail in my first blog article. Now I want to tell you something about our most impressive common experience. The video shoot of a commercial. Me as main actor and my Royals included.

Full of joy I had to slide on my knees. Several times. On the floor. My fake joy in front of the cam passed quickly because of swollen knees and scratched shoes. The wounds have never healed. On the shoes.