The beginning of an era

Not only the era of my shoe stories starts with this blog post, also the era of Nike retro sneakers on my feet started with the content of this article. With my red and white Nike Dunk.

Back to 2002. My first trip as fresh driving license owner to our capital. Some nervousness in the luggage, my sister in the luggage and on our way home also the Nike Dunk in the luggage. Fresh from summer sale.

From this day on we were inseparable. I wore my babies in red and white for nearly every occasion. In the school. To hang around. For sports. At parties. And we returned to Vienna. To study.

In between there was some stress. For my mum. She really dared to wash my meanwhile wasted Dunks. In the washing machine. But I could help myself. By using black shoe creme. And they were dirty again.

Now my Dunks decorate my flat. Completely wasted and yellow soled. One shoe is part of my bedroom, the other one part of my living room. Despite hole in the sole they will accompany me for my lifetime.