Theater prop

My blue and white Nike Dunk sneakers. I wrote about them. Wore them seldom. Too seldom. They had to leave me. Deserved somebody better. So I offered them online for sale. On a well-known portal. The name doesn’t care. My sneakers were sold. Quickly. And picked up.

The pick-up was extraordinary. Not the way I was used to pick-ups. If I want to see my shoes again, asked me the girl who bought them. I just have to visit the upcoming theater play at Volkstheater. My sneakers will have a role. As a prop.

And I did it. The last time I visited a theater play was during my school time. Not voluntary. But now voluntary. With my darling. Curiosity that may change into a personal transculturation. It felt like 40 degrees in the historic walls of the Volkstheater. But my shoes performed well. Ex shoes.