Anticipated: I’m not militant. No exponent of war or weapons. Clear. Nevertheless there’s a not valid relation to military elements. Deep inside me. Subconsciously. To aircrafts. To clothes.

Like to this jacket. Vintage. From an army shop. Where else. It was a coincidence. And a long-lasting process. First skepticism, then happiness. About size 2XL. And especially about the screaming eagle on the left upper arm.

The logo of the 101st Airborne Division of the US Army. Also called: the screaming eagles. I wonder why. 300 helicopters to carry 4000 soldiers into enemy territory. I repeat: I’m not militant.

After many helicopter flights my jacket enjoys its well-deserved retirement now. In Vienna. The first walk in pension took place in the winter. I needed a hoodie. Under it. Also under it but with peephole: My watch. In a perfect colorway.