In terms of style many clothing pieces will always be part of me. Old school basketball shoes, gum watches, sports jerseys. Adored and worn. By me.

But there are also changes. A lot I liked is meanwhile unwearable in my opinion. Example: baggy pants. I wore them in the late nineties Or they me. I was such a skinny guy that I would have fit in at least three times.

The influence came from rap. Always been a wannabe gangsta. Baggies enabled me to put my discman in the pocket. By the way this was the pre-mp3-player. A portable CD-player. And a CD was a music storage medium. In disc form.
But back to baggies. Levi’s returns them to the streets. A daring experiment. Just for girls. I wouldn’t have been tempted anyway. Meanwhile terrible as bell pants (I’ve never worn).