Eminem and his music mean a lot to me. A rapper whose career I’ve followed since the first hour. Whose songs and whose style influenced my youth. That will be a part of me forever.

5 days ago Revival was released. Eminem’s 9th solo album. After 4 years of abstinence and a near-death due to overdose in 2007 a true choice of title. With it: Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys, Pink and Skylar Grey.

The consequence: a lot of Pop. Also some Rock. A matter of taste. But the 45-year-old rapper is still as charismatic, powerful, loud and technically highly sophisticated as in good old times. This is Rap. Not that Mumble “Rap” he also attacks in his track Chloraseptic. I like.

Another content: politics. Trump or nuclear weapons in North Korea. And society. Racism and police violence. And personal topics. The digestion of his marriage and expectations in terms of career which can’t be fulfilled (any more).