Salute to Service

Did you take a closer look at the previous November NFL games? Respectively did you ever take a look at the NFL? If no and no, you now have the chance to stop reading this post. If no and yes, I recommend to continue and if yes and yes, you hopefully recognized the camouflage pattern.

Camo is a yearly part of the equipment and stadiums of all 32 teams. During November players wear gloves, towels, helmet signs and captain’s patches, caps and beanies in military style. You also see banners, goal post wraps and pylons with camouflage ribbon decals and sideline clothes.

Salute to Service is the name of the campaign behind and the NFL honors the military personnel, also and especially its veterans, injured or traumatized warriors and families of fallen soldiers. Together with foundations and non-profit partners almost 1.8 million dollars have already been collected this year.