Most of you haven’t realized yet that I have a new domain name. Or a new domain ending. But not here on bsnstl. On besenstil. You reach me know with besenstil.wtf. But still also with besenstil.at. And I promise that .wtf will also follow on bsnstl.com.

Hope you are not too confused now. But I couldn’t hesitate when I found out that .wtf is available for domains now. I had to buy it immediately. So now I also have to say thank you to Vienna’s temporary night club Horst. I saw it on their website. By the way.

But let’s call it inspiration. In some months Horst is history and then I will hopefully be the only website in Vienna ending by .wtf. And it fits perfect to me. An untypical blog with an untypical domain. So let’s celebrate this with an untypical video: Badam. WTF!?