Sport has always played an important role in my life. And still plays. In earlier times it even ruled my life. Nowadays the level of my sports activities is still above average but its only purpose is my health and my well-being.

And you can see on the first sight that I like sports. In terms of style. And before you have a look at the pictures below, I want to repeat: no, I don’t play basketball. And I’ve never played. Fortunately you can’t see my height. Otherwise you wouldn’t believe me. But back to style.

I love training clothes. And here’s one of my typical free time outfits: black training pants. I wish I could wear it in the office as well. A purple Lakers zipped hoodie. And Converse Weapon in Lakers style respectively black white Jordan 1. But please never together in real life. I just couldn’t decide in this post. Different shoes on the feet are a crime.