On 22 April 2013 I published my first article on my main blog besenstil.at. Four and a half years later I published my 500th article. Today. About 70000 words later.

But where and when will my journey end? A question which accompanies me since the beginning. After 500 posts? After 1000? After 5 years? After 10 years? Fact: not after 500.

It’s still a passion. The consequence is still here, even though different. My time is restricted meanwhile. Due to job reasons.

Sometimes my creativity suffers. Maybe also due to job reasons. But I’m fighting. I will continue to go my own way. Against the mainstream.

My blog is different. Became different. My blog looks different. Governed by myself. Not money contaminated. No matter how many posts will follow. My blog remains different. Happy 500 to besenstil.at and me!