The Nike Vandal: born in 1984. I: born in 1984. Fate? Or just coincidence? I take coincidence. Consciously and as psychotherapeutic self-help measure to suppress my inner purchase urge. The year of birth must remain the only connection between us. And not my feet.

Alien shoe. Disco shoe. Transcriptions I heard when I wanted others to talk me out buying these sneakers. Just to support my self-therapy. And it’s still working. I’m strong. Another action of my self-therapy: this post here. Confrontation. And homage of my silver contemporary.

A personal praise which appears quite flattering in comparison to the successful career of the nylon bomb with its distinctive fastener strip. Already in his first year of life the Nike Vandal got a role in Terminator. On Kyle Reese’s feet. On my feet he will not flourish. Because I’m strong.