It happend recently at the and of a working day while I was leaving the office building. Smartphone in my hand, headphones in my ears, thumb on the play button. No music came. Instead of that my phone took off. The wire imposed at the door. And the display kissed the ground.

No tender kiss. The result: a completely broken display. And my broken mind. Certainly a first world problem. But who can live without a smartphone these days? I can’t. And I can’t afford a new one. But it ended well. The display could be replaced. Within 30 minutes.

Now I finally know how these small mobile phone shops can survive. But I learn from my mistakes. So I will never get a regular customer there. I prevented: my 2 smartphones (private and company) wear Nike soles now. Air Force 1 and Cortez. Robust and not really beautiful, but convenient. And sustainable. The cases are made of recycled shoes.