Vintage blue

It has to be blue. Light blue. And strictly speaking Carolina blue or university blue. It has not to be new. And it has not to be expensive. What here sounds very strange for you refers to my favorite college team (color) and on the other hand to new old findings.

By the way (as you have certainly already looked at the following pics and if not, you do it now): no, I’m not a basketball player. I just look like one. Due to my height and my style. Many girls asked me that. They wanted to flirt. But I left. Always. Pissed off.

Back to the essentials: I’ve been fan of the North Carolina Tar Heels for many years. Football and basketball. Recently a North Carolina basketball jersey became part of my wardrobe. Bought on eBay. Used and cheap. You just have to be patient. I like eBay. And vintage. Used always looks cooler than new. It only has to be washed good.