Basically I listen to music on my smartphone. With headphones on the way or with headphones in the office or via bluetooth and loudspeaker at home. If not on my smartphone, then on my laptop. There are no other options for me.

But I had restrictions. My bad tariff for example. Expensive and little data volume. I had to buy additional gigabytes very often. Restriction number 2 was Apple: iTunes and the music app. I hate both. Awkward and confusing.

I needed solutions. Spotify was one. But to stream I also need a sufficient base of data volume. So I terminated my mobile contract and changed to prepaid card. Cheaper, no obligation and sevenfold of gigabytes.

No more annoying music downloads. No more frustration about a track not available on iTunes. Pleasure about tailor made playlists. Tracks that Spotify suggests due to my music flavor. And pleasure about my friends’ and favorite artists’ playlists I can follow now.