The Naples formula

Starting position: wasted vacation days and each day boredom, boredom and boredom until the evening. Still thinking about my office work and not able to switch off mentally. A documentation about the culinary treasures in Naples. The city where the pizza was invented. My parents’ car I was allowed to use. And spontaneity.

Consequence: a 1200-kilometer-long road trip to Naples. Days of an exploration fight through an old town jungle full of garbage, a world cultural heritage. Temperatures above 40 degrees. Liberty. Total diversion. And moments of culinary orgasms during my countless meals in the streets of Naples.

Findings: no more waste of vacation days at home. God is 1.65 meter tall and is called Diego Maradona. Naples really has a surprisingly not smelling garbage problem. I have at least 3 more kilos and a food problem: so to say I was in heaven. Outside Naples I will never be able to appreciate a pizza.