Jeans love

Denim. This is the cotton fabric used for jeans. Jeans. No other clothing piece interprets timelessness better. Also a synonym for coolness. Jeans are an essential part of the clothing world. The absolute classic.

Behind jeans there is an enormous diversity. Affected by the cut, color, washing, design elements like holes, stitching and pockets on the ass. Also quality and price can play a role in the personal selection.

My jeans are simple. A mixture between slim and tapered. A slight cut at the thigh, close ends at the feet. I would always recommend several colors of your perfect model. In my case also to be able to highlight all my shoes.

Too tight over the whole legs looks would make me feel like wearing leggings. Bootcut jeans are ugly and kill your shoes completely. But this is just my opinion and tastes are different. God save the jeans!