Berliner Döner

On the one hand I heard it is due to the origin of the meat. On the other hand I heard it is due to the mix of the sauces. Or because the boss was educated there. Berlin. Actually Vienna. Berliner Döner in Vienna. 7th district.

Where Zieglergasse crosses with Westbahnstraße. Where line 49 has its station Zieglergasse. In front of a church. Schottenfeld. Where everybody is a brother and where I can enjoy the (anticipated) best kebab in our city after just 5 walking minutes.

A crispy self-baked bread. Filled with white and red cabbage, onion, chicken, lamb, or both. Yogurt sauce, hot sauce and special sauce. No tomato cucumber mix for me. I hate cucumber. Another minus point: the fatty fries. But has nothing to do with the kebab itself. The best of its kind ever landed between my teeth in Vienna.