Swag. In 2011 elected to the youth word of the year. Stands for extreme coolness. To swagger is the increase of showing off. Terrible how times are changing in terms of style. There are stores of certain retailers I don’t enter anymore. Just to protect myself from the swag on the shelves.

T-Shirts down to the knees, jeans that look like leggings, colossal sweaters and maybe another t-shirt over the sweater. Caps with messages and terms whose ridiculous pseudo coolness can hardly be beaten. Round glasses with strange frames and hyped sneakers looking like astronaut boots.

I also had some of these pieces. Long t-shirts for instance. But I just saw benefits to compensate my height. Due to this aberration and even mutation of street style all my stuff has already been disposed of. Individuality is coolness. Not that embarrassing penetrance performed by this mass of same-looking swag lords.