Until the end

I can’t remember the exact year. It was an evening in the early Nineties. I went to the living room where my dad was watching soccer. Sat down. And he said, „look at this, how well they’re playing.“ A moment changing my further life.

„They“ were the players of Juventus Turin. I fell in love with their black and white striped jerseys. Immediately. They conquered my brain and my heart at the same time. A magic conspiracy. Forever and ever.

In 1996 I experienced my second Champions League final live on TV. It was my first one with Juve. I nearly destroyed our couch by celebrating the first goal and finally the decisive penalty. Juventus won the Champions League.

Years passed. 1997, 1998, 2003 and 2015. In each of these years Juve reached the Champions League final. But lost all of them. And the nightmare went on. Today. Nevertheless a very special person made the evening amazing.