No panic. My website or your computer showing it at the moment will not destroy itself in a few seconds. Rather, mission self-destruction concerns my past. The past of my blog.

Changes in taste or short term taste confusions, a new attitude or the closing of certain shops, restaurants and brands. And partially their ingratitude.

Reasons that led to many considerations which ended up here in this action. In the elimination of all posts affected by the above mentioned reasons. But here on BSNSTL it’s only 1 post. And even just partially.

Eliminating means striking through. Not deleting. Except the pictures. Especially the texts were great effort. And helped my blog growing. This is why the are allowed to stay. Optically highlighted and difficult to read.

Now I’m in accordance with my past. The authenticity is back. No normally readable posts I can’t identify with any more. Because things can change.