Elwood X25

Pharrell Williams was creative again. His play area: the G-Star Elwood. The result: 25 printed eye-catchers which can hardly be topped in terms of its colorful happiness and versatility. And by the way this year the Elwood celebrates its 20th anniversary. So why not just 20 different ones?

We don’t have to understand everything. However, release date is 16 February and G-Star just can surprise us with the price because we already know all 25 designs. They were posted on Instagram and I don’t like all of them. Am I still a little bit conservative?

My favorites are the different camo styles. Not hard to guess if you already know me. I’m totally in love with the Tiger Camouflage Print. All in all a very cool idea of G-Star. The countdown is on. 25 prints. Your pick. And happy birthday Elwood.