Everybody knows it. Everybody does it. Bad buys. A classic. Afterward I never know if I should regret having lost some money or better laugh at myself. Identifying a bad buy quickly enough replies to this question. You can return or at least exchange it.

Meanwhile I have it under control, learn from mistakes, but can’t keep silent about having already lost a lot of money. Too much. And here’s a short selection of all that stuff I spent the money on:

Example number 1, Doc Martens. I wore them at least once. Until I noticed that we don’t really fit together. Example number 2, sunglasses for women. My friends made me aware of this. Not in a polite way. Example number 3, a hat. Never worn. My face is not made for hats. Finally my colorful socks, example number 4. Still in my closet. I didn’t dare.