New era

On Tuesday I finally received the keys for my new flat after 3 months waiting. I was so pleased. Even though I determined that the walls should be painted. And today evening I have to return the keys of my old flat. 4 years. I’m sad as well.

So a new era has begun. Bye bye Transdanubia, it was an honor for me. However I’m sure that I won’t be very nostalgic. Finally arrived at real Vienna I’m sitting in a chaos between relocation boxes, furniture and lots of color. White color. Everywhere. I will never again paint any square meter of wall. Never ever!

The view behind the door is just chaos. I mentioned. The view in front with its mat looks already quite okay. And gives me hope. Hope to get this chaos in order. But I’m an optimist and the end won’t be near without my sister’s and dad’s great support.