Clyde NYC

What are you thinking of when you hear Clyde? Let me guess. You are thinking of a famous gangster couple. And that’s quite right. This article is primarily about shoes. But Clyde is the name of them. One of PUMA’s first basketball shoes.

Walt Frazier, basketball player, most of his career time playing for the New York Knicks, was not only obsessed by scoring baskets. He was a passionated fashion lover and created his inimitable style by wearing hats and suits. Very similar to Clyde. From Bonnie and Clyde. The reason for his nickname.

PUMA dedicated him his own signature model. Recently the wild leather sneaker was released in the flag colors of New York or the team colors of the Knicks. Golden elements like Walt’s jersey number 10 are responsible for the fine-tuning. A simple sneaker, but exactly this property makes it so cool.