PUMA x Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt. One of the dopest guys and biggest athletes ever. Huge personal idol. Maybe the winner of his third olympic gold medals in 100 and 200 meters sprint discipline in a row. And he’s impressively back after his injury since Friday’s Diamond League Meeting in London.

And he can still trust in his long term outfitter PUMA. PUMA and Usain Bolt, up to now a never ending story of success. As homage from Herzogenaurach the Jamaican superstar got a brand new and hot collection of leisure and training wear.

Consisting of t-shirts, hoodies, hooded jackets, sweatpants, shorts, backpack and cap. Printed with his typical victory pose, profiles, the initials, his name or different competition pics. And for the real sprinters among you: spike shoes. Here’s a short selection, the whole stuff directly on PUMA.com.