Real beach party

I promise you, this is my last Ultra post. And not just for this year. Finally. After four times definitely my last visit of Ultra Europe in Croatia. Routine? Age? Troubles? Many many questions. I don’t know the real answer. Maybe a mix of all those reasons.

Although my first ever Ultra Beach should have made it to a real highlight. Summer, sunset, a huge beach, just positive vibes and a relaxed mood, cold beer. Something like this. Reality: a hotel park of approximately 100 square meters (excl. pool), about 5000 party people, no view on the DJ and beer stockout after two hours.

So we left after an hour. Pissed. But there was a beach bar on our way home and it really saved our evening. A small bar directly on the beach, lots of beer, space to chill, fantastic atmosphere, and beats on Ultra level. Thanks.