Laced Up

On 7 August the Vienna edition of Laced Up sneakers exhibition takes place for the first time. Laced Up exists since 2013 in Munich, Vienna is glad to have you here this year. There will be all familiar dealers in the house, as well as private guys to present their kicks.

Shoes that anyway permanently buzzing in the web. This daily confrontation is enough for me and I know how the stuff looks like. If I like one, I buy it. So exhibitions like this have no added value for me and make me just feel frustrated about exorbitant prices and all those swag lords.

I love sneakers, but I have a basic problem with the sneaker scene and especially with the scene in Vienna. But that’s nothing to discuss here. Another personal reason to ignore this event: the choice of the location. VIE i PEE will never see me again. But have fun.