All Eyez On Me

t would have been his 45th birthday on 16 June. Instead of that Tupac Amaro Shakur has passed away for 20 years in September. A double anniversary for the most epic rap legend ever. A sad one and a happy one. But let’s celebrate the joyful side and focus on a kind of special birthday gift:

One day after Tupac’s birthday the first official teaser of the upcoming biopic was released. Named after All Eyez On Me, the album of 1996, where the rapper was murdered, the cinema start of the movie will be in fall. Starring Demetrius Shipp, Jr., a real Tupac clone.

The teaser itself gives me the creeps. Maybe also due to the rapper’s voice. A voice full of charisma and power, that triggers an emotional mix of happiness and euphoria deep in myself. In this spirit: happy birthday and rest in peace. Miss you.