Meanwhile it’s a kind of weekly ritual to start my Sundays with a grab into the fridge. I need my can of ice-cold Coke. Maybe due to a high demand of sugar after hard partying Saturday nights. It’s not that easy for men in advanced age. Any more.

Not that sugar orgies, but Herschel also acquired a taste for that brown sparkling. Ice Cold Pack is the name of a five-part-summer-collection in collaboration with Coca-Cola: Network Large Pouch, Mid-Volume Tote, Settlement Backpack, Lake Bucket Hat and Glendale Cap. Fresh.

The design is dominated by the world-famous Coca-Cola writing and the vending machine slogan „ice cold sold here“. Last one is authorized, actually all bags are cool bags. And made from recycled plastic bottles. Refreshingly stylish. Looking forward to summer, sun, beach and ocean. Or at least to swimming pool.